Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I'm very sorry to tell you this,
This Blog is no more.
They say Martians are myth.I guess they will be.

But On a brighter note,
The Reason this blog is dead is coz
V guyz are startn a new one
Chk it owt

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Help kill time!

As Vcx has already told you all...this is quite a long summer for us as we are just out from school life and ready to start our innings in college in a few months time.I regret that i couldn't blog for all these days as i experienced a problem with my Internet connection...but that didn't mean that my teammate shouldn't blog. Of course,he should have kept this blog going...to stamp the authority of Martians!SmileyCentral.comFortunately or unfortunately...he decided not to blog till i begin to do so.It has been quite a good summer for us...playin,freakin owt,doin stupid stuffs and hardly doin anything productive.Yet i take pride in whatever i have done! It is a great thing to take pride in our work. Anything that is worth doing at all,is worth doing well.Now,don't ask me whether what we are doing is worth doing!I don't have an answer. I am running outta ideas to kill time. My earlier addiction to books(fiction)has diminished somewhat significantly. I am trying to find new ways to kill time and as always i need your help...so please drop in your comments.

The sorry state of cricket

Months after a 100% boring ICC cricket world cup....cricketing NATIONS can possibly utter 'We all play cricket..then we play against other NATIONS...then we play AUSTRALIA...and we lose!'. This precisely is the state of the sport at the moment.I feel like a fool to watch a 'live' match when everybody know what's gonna happen at the end of the day.Why not split Australia into 2 or 3 teams and make the sport a bit more interesting...instead of promoting Twenty20? If this kind of dominance continues from the island-continent habitants...we will have to witness Five5...which would probably be hailed as a brilliant move by the ICC 'in order to make the sport more interesting'. Aaahh....c'mon ICC..its time to do some serious thinking.And...wait..before i end talkin about cricket...Have you ever heard of one poor ol' 'Bob woolmer'? Ah!A familiar name isnt it?

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Runnin' Outta Things To Do

Well.....You guys must be knowing its the summer holidays.
& I'm guessing this gonna be a long 1.I'v done everything I can think of,But I still am not satisfied to quench this thrist of boredom or wateva ,you callit...I just wanna do something.I cant stick 1 single thing at a time,Either its boring or its too tiring.Have been playing football aka soccer 2hrs everyday for about a month now.Quit & restarted my once addicted mmorpg Ragnarok twice.Went to the beach a couple o times...Saw every movie there is.....


On a brighter note,

I've started to do digital inking.You might have seen my Superman colouring using my own style(direct coloring on the scanned work =P,It kinda retains the texture of the paper)& A lot more!!Found at my site

Hmmmm...Its Saturday,
I'm going to PotC3 on Monday.....
Hope its good.

Thts all for now,I guess....
Catchya guys later

Signin Owt,


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Men and Machines

One great defect of our civilization is that it does not know what to do with its knowledge. Science,as we have seen,has given us powers fit for the gods,yet we don't use it to the best extent. For example,we do not know how to manage our machines. Machines were made to be man's servants,yet he has grown so dependent on them that they are in a fair way to become his masters. Already most men spend most of their lives looking after and waiting upon machines. And the machines are very stern masters. They must be fed with coal,given petrol to drink,oil to wash with,and must be kept at the right temperature.If they do not get their meals when they expect them,they grow sulky and refuse to work,or burst with rage and blow up,and spread ruin and destruction all around them. So we have to wait upon them very attentively and do all that we can do to keep them in a good temper. Already we find it difficult either to work or play without machines,and a time may come when they will rule us altogether,just as we rule the animals.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Walking in circles

I recently visited the beach Hammockand my team blogger also accompanied me.We had great fun and we actually enjoyed the sand more than the water.While we were talking,vcx told me that humans generally walk in circles when their eyes are blinded Blindfolded .I was really amazed by that piece of fact and i immediately wanted to try that.So,we found a place where there were comparatively less number of people...and i walked with my eyes blinded.Blimey!I did walk along a circle...and a perfect one too.You too can try it when you have large empty space around you because the circle you'll make will be quite a big one.The reason why we walk in circles when we are blinded is that all of us have one of our legs shorter than the other.YES!All of us!Though the difference in length might be small it is appreciable enough to make us move in circles...since one of our legs is shorter we tend to move in a specific direction depending on the leg which is shorter (left or right).I guess 'real' blind people will find it terribly difficult to walk without their third leg (walking stick).This is one cool thing which you can try for yourself.

Friday, March 30, 2007


How ya'll doin' 2day??
I guess its time to advertise my so called expertise to yee.
Check out my work at Painter

I'm currently taking commissions for ambigram.So if you want a ambigram specially designed for your needs,Just drop in a comment or mail me.I'll put up my work in the following posts for you eager viewers.

Thats it for now,
Peace owt.